What does the next and better version of you, your team or company look like?

I can help you get there from here

Hi, I'm Mike Sutton and I help individuals and companies become their next and better version.
I help individuals find and develop techniques to be more joyful, learn, lead and deliver better for themselves.
I help organisations to find their own sustainable solutions to be happier and more effective.

Let's start a conversation and explore possibilities.

Mike Sutton, Improvement Partner

The Improvement Partnership is...

An Invitation

To a unique opportunity to join Mike Sutton in re-imagining the world of work and to explore possibilities that lie beyond conventional thinking.

This invitation is also for companies to extend - openhearted and without consequence - to their employees, to join together as partners in a shared journey.

Relationships. Redesigned

Partnership requires many things that are in short supply in many companies today - trust, mutual respect, shared values and unconstrained channels of communication. The hallmarks of healthy amazing relationships.

The Improvement Partnership is about redesigning the relationships people have with the work as well as with their colleagues. to make relationships actively about joyfulness in the pursuit of shared outcomes. And to move away from the transactional to the relational.

A Remote Partner Service

A unique service that brings Mike's expertise, experience, passion and network to your company as a working partnership to help you continuously improve your company and each other.

With an innovative and affordable model that is designed to get you started and keep you going - until you are self-sustaining.

Who is Mike Sutton?

  I believe in bringing everything that I am to everything that I do. This is unconventional in the World of Work.
Take a moment to explore just a little of what I am about.  

  A Very Human Being

I'm full of passion, ideas, hopes and dreams. I am magnificent with flaws and awesomeness in equal measure.I am ever curious and ever learning.

Just like you , really.

 Father, Son, Brother & Friend

I believe that we are each changed by our relationships. Mine are beautiful and varied and deeply significant.

My relationships help me remain connected and well-rounded.

 Experienced Coach & Guide

I bring over 20 years of distilled learning and experiences from working with dozens of businesses and hundreds of teams to my partnerships.

And I'm only just getting started.

 Startup Entrepreneur

By day I partner and by night I make. Learning all the time. I enjoy the feeling of building something from scratch and imagining the possibilities.

 Full Stack Maker

I've been building stuff professionally for 21 years - a lifetime in computing terms - I can do and have done enough of everything from concept to cash to understand what hurts, why and how to naturally empathise.


Driven by my need to see a world where people pursue their passions and seek joy, I connect, encourage, scheme and collaborate to help everyone discover and do what they love.

psst! If you like what I'm about, check out my personal blog too!

How My Partnership Works

Org. wide, team deep

I avoid sub-optimisation by working across the organisation and simultaneously with teams to identify improvements and new capabilities and support in getting them done.

I Joy

I only work with volunteers who accepted an explicit invitation to partner. There is never any coercion, nothing forced. Only joyful collaboration. I encourage my partners to engage whole-heartedly or not at all.
Basically - it's OK to be out but if you're in, be in.

Focus on Outcomes

All we do is towards better outcomes - every meeting, every experiment is towards the positive effect of things we do or make - not the things themselves.

Effort Is Distributed

Traditionally, organisation improvement is consultant heavy. You pay a huge chunk of money under the illusion that the consultants will make things better.
In my partnership and for improvements to stick, we share the work. We explore together, execute together and we own the outcomes.

E= (V+F+Q+) x J2

The Boosian Joy Boost. The secret to balance in the World of Work. Ask me about it.

Everything is Visible.

We cannot fix things we can't see and we cannot have honest and constructive conversations when facts are hidden. I use simple but effective tools to keep our partnership work visible across the organisation.

Mike is an agile expert and practitioner that is able to bring his understanding and deep passion for people and agile principles to life in everything he touches.

Dave Sharrock, VP Professional Services, Agile 42

For Organisations

  Organisation as incrementally improving versions of itself.  

Step 1: Invite

Invite Voluntary Participation

At the TIPStart, I make an explicit invitation for voluntary participation to everyone in the organisation and an offer to support anyone who accepts my invitation.

Step 2: Version

Version The Organisation

Together we explore the 'Now'- who its users are and what they want; what is needed, working and broken; what is valuable. This is Version 1.0
Then we figure out what Version 2.0 might be, design a plan and get to work.

Step 3: Build

Work Sustainably

Building means exploring the work, understanding the problems deeply and discovering solutions.
We work at a pace that minimises disruption but ensures progress and we do whatever is needed.

Step 4: Reflect

Manage Complexity

Building something you have never built before is often complex work.
We will regularly inspect what and how we are building, how we are feeling and whether it is still valuable enough to carry on.

Benefits to the Organisation

Increased Joy for Everyone

When people feel heard, have their needs met and are free to do stuff that enhances them, joy increases.

More Committed Participation

Similar to the Open Source Software model, not everyone will volunteer but those that do are committed and passionate. Self organisation improves also as people find ways to collaborate around visible work.

Increased Sense of Ownership

When everyone can voluntarily join in fixing shared problems and building new capabilities, the sense of individual and collective ownership increases.

Improved Collaboration

As the barriers to smooth flow are reduced, all participants learn new ways to collaborate on things they care about and tend to apply what they learn in other parts of their work.

Better Visibility

So much more about the state of your business will become more visible. The strengths and the weaknesses, the value and the potential. What you see becomes very hard to ignore and this is primarily what fuels our partnership.

Specialisations Improved

Your specialists get direct help to improve their tools and practices and nurture strong practice communities to sustain and grow their expertise. See 'Who I help' for specifics.

My approach and my style of partnership does not suit everyone or every company.
I offer a 15 day money back guarantee if our partnership does not deliver value.

Does my approach excite you?

Working with Mike has been very enjoyable, he is really experienced and helped us explore the various improvement areas as we tried to find solutions that work for us. Our time with Mike left us with two very valuable things. We gained a clear list of self-generated improvements to help keep us focused. We also have new great habits to continuously improve how we work

Helge Høibraaten, CEO, Vimond Media Solutions

For Individuals

  Improve yourself - one version at a time.
Upgrade with new skills, perspectives and tools through partnership and coaching.  

Step 1: Agree

Establish How We Partner

At our second meeting - after we are sure we suit each other - I facilitate us making a set of agreements that help our partnership function as fairly and as effectively as possible.

Step 2: Version

Person as Product

Together we explore the 'Now'- who its users are and what they want; what is needed, working and broken; what is valuable. This is Version 1.0
Then we figure out what Version 2.0 might be, design a plan and get to work.

Step 3: Build

Work Sustainably

Building means exploring the work, understanding the problems deeply and discovering solutions.
We work together at a pace that lets you absorb and learn and we do whatever is needed to get you where you want to be.

Step 4: Reflect

Manage Complexity

Building something you have never built before is often complex work.
We will regularly inspect what and how we are building, how we are feeling and whether it is still valuable enough to carry on.

Who I Help

Product People

You live and breathe the product and know where it should go. But you struggle to share your vision and understand why things take so long.

I can help you to get better at crafting and sharing your vision and getting stuff built collaboratively.

Development People

No one gets you, you're plagued for estimates and then screamed at for going too slow or for things breaking. You want to do great work.

I can help you discover more effective ways to collaboratively do great and valuable work.

Management People

You want to help your company stay on top of its game and for each person to reach their full potential, but you're scared or unsure or both.

I can help you with a new approach to leadership with mentoring, facilitation and coaching skills.

Internal Coaches and Scrum Masters

Your passion is to help people get better, but now you have responsibility for them being better and more productive because you are on payroll. And that sucks.

I can help with you get more support towards real, shared and achievable outcomes - for everyone.

Sales People

You have your finger on the pulse of the market but feel constrained by the lack of responsiveness and innovation from everyone else in your organisation.

I can help you build stronger relationships with product makers and prospects that help you sell better.


How do we work and share together more joyfully? We all could be kinder, more empathic and more understanding to each other and ourselves.

I can help everyone explore more constructive ways to communicate, resolve conflict and handle uncertainty.

Benefits to the Individual

You get a trusted partner in your growth

We'll explore what you need and get there - version by version - together. Working in trust and joy. And if there are things I cannot help with, I have a trusted network of partners who will care about you as much as I will.

You get better at your job

With tools and approaches that I have learned over 20 years, you get skills that you can use almost immediately to get better at your work.

Discover more Joy

We'll always have fun when we partner - otherwise what is the point!? Through this we will discover more Joy as we help you learn and grow.

You get better at working with others

Life is about relationships and as we explore which ones you have improve how your they are working and apply different ways of communicating your needs, you'll get better at actually working with others.

You get better at helping others excel

I believe in helping you learn not just skills to use for yourself and your work, but to help others recognise their own strengths, help them navigate their weaknesses and discover more Joy.

You get access to loads more experience

Combining my own personal experiences of working in most software industry roles over the last 20 years and the volumes of experiences I have helped others with as a coach and consultant and the experiences within my personal network, you get so much more goodness to learn from that you might on your own.

Choosing a partner on your journey of growth and learning is a very personal thing and personalities matter a lot.
To help both of us decide if we are a fit, the first hour of individual partnership is free and I offer a 15 day money back guarantee.

Does my partnership sound valuable to you?

There is risk that you may never want to work the way you have always worked after we partner.
There is also a strong risk that you will quit your job and find happier, more fulfilling work with better companies by participating in this partnership.

Mike has a wealth of experience which he uses very effectively to explain how to overcome obstacles that teams encounter. He backs up his thorough knowledge of Agile theory with real-life examples from his experiences that really helped us facilitate change in our organisation.

David Murray, Product Owner; Lumension

Clear and Honest Pricing To Get You Started and Keep You Going


Free. Forever.
Perfect for individuals and groups who have one-off questions or need occasional partnership
No commitment to ongoing support
Access Not Guaranteed
First come/first served
No Usage Reports
On site days at €1500/day* + expenses

Individual Partner

from €750/ month
Ongoing one to one coaching, support and partnership to help individuals improve their professional roles.
First hour is free
4 hours of scheduled collaboration and coaching a month
Full Usage Reports
No on site days

Group TIPStart

€3000 + expenses
A 2-day on-site workshop designed to kickstart your group's continuous improvement journey.
Includes 90 days support
Guaranteed Access:
1 hour/week for 3 months
Full Usage Reports
On site days at €1500/day* + expenses

Group Partner

€7500 / month
Ongoing support and partnership with everyone in your organisation working on the next version of you.
15-Day Money Back Guarantee
Guaranteed Access:
2 hours a day, 4 days/week
Full Usage Reports
On site days at €500/day* + expenses

Please note: every new client Group Partner signup requires a one-time TIPStart workshop

* - I don't charge for travel days and my onsite visits are a 2-day minimum.

Group Partner Features


If you've ever hired management consultants, you'll know this is expensive business.I know - I used to be one!
For less than the monthly cost of a senior executive, you get a committed partner with broad and significant market experience, skill and vision in helping organisations excel.

Usage Optimisation

No one likes to buy something that doesn't get used.
I provide usage data to help see how your investment is being used and we regularly review usage and adjust to keep it optimal.

Guaranteed Access

As a Partner, you get guaranteed access - time that is not shared with any other clients and is available to you exclusively.

With bookable slots in the mornings and afternoons 4 days a week, there is always a time that suits.

I am so convinced that you will get huge value from our partnership from just the first couple of days that I will refund your Partner subscription if you are dissatisfied within the first 15 days.

Mike Sutton, Improvement Partner

How may I help you?

Want to say hello?
Want to know more about where a partnership might take you?

Drop me an email and let's get a conversation started.

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